Introducing Shoutlet: Enterprise Social Media Marketing Management Platform

by Staff Writer on March 23, 2012 · 0 comments in Social Media Marketing

Shoutlet | Enterprise Social Media Marketing Platform

Update (04/01/2013): We are no longer actively using Shoutlet to manage social media for our clients – but we still believe it’s a great platform.

When we attended Internet Retailer in San Diego in 2011, we were fortunate enough to be introduced to Shoutlet. Now, after 6 months of working with the platform, we’re excited to introduce Shoutlet to you!

Shoutlet is an enterprise-level social media marketing platform that allows businesses to corral many of their social efforts and operate from one switchboard. The depth of the platform is staggering; allowing users to do everything from scheduling Facebook posts and Tweets to identifying key influencers within their social network to designing and managing custom web apps and contests.

“We’re the most comprehensive tool available,” claims a source at Shoutlet. “We offer a multitude of different social promotions that can be managed from a single dashboard which eliminates the need for multiple tools across multiple social networks.” In addition to managing three primary social networks, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, Shoutlet is capable of helping integrate websites in with social campaigns. They are also planning to integrate additional social platform giants such as Pinterest and Google+ in the future (no official date as to when at this time).

In October, we dove head-first into understanding and mastering the Shoutlet platform for managing some of our clients’ social media efforts. While it hasn’t all been easy to understand and maneuver the rapidly evolving platform, it has proven to be a great investment of our time and resources. Shoutlet is officially our go-to solution for helping our clients reach their objectives in social media, no matter how simple or complex.

Highlights of Shoutlet’s Function and Capabilities:

  • Custom Facebook Applications: Within Shoutlet, you can store practically unlimited amounts of images, video, and content for creating custom Facebook Applications and tabs. Their custom Web App features allow you to build in sign-up lists, Twitter feeds, photo galleries, and so much more.
  • Contest & Sweepstakes Management – Create and manage giveaways and contests for Facebook that comply with Facebook’s guidelines, or to embed into your website. Shoutlet manages the entries and their contact information and with its most recent update, Shoutlet 5.0, will also include a random winner selection tool.
  • Social Media Analytics – Make every move count and dig deep into the analysis of your efforts in social media. Find out who is supporting your brand the most, what topics people are responding to in conversation, and if you’re being effective at driving engagement about your brand.
  • Brand Management with Social Enterprise – Allow consistent brand representation and management across the entire company…and the globe by hosting all of the available content in one place and allowing varied access to your staff for deploying the brand message.

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